what do you mean not everyone has a toilet that washes and massages your butt

Wait there are toilets like that?


what an incredible experience it must be

im mildly concerned about something labeled “turbo” going near my butt


but can you imagine what it must feel like for John to be actually living with Sherlock? to see him wandering around half-naked, watching him wiggle his perfectly arched feet, seeing him stretch on the sofa like a cat, watching his ridiculously perfect throat up close as it moves when he swallows, or watch him dry his curls and style them in the living room mirror, watch him dress in his perfectly tailored suit, seeing his cheeks and his perfect cheekbones flush with exertion, and his coat swishing about as he moves, or wiggles his gorgeous bum when he gets on his knees at a crime scene, or watching him get out of the shower, with only a towel wrapped loosely around his hips, with his ridiculously endearing hip freckle clearly visible, and watching droplets of water slide down the little dark patch of hair from his navel and into his crotch… CAN YOU IMAGINE?


i hit my coworkers shoulder lightly and he was like “you’re going to make me cry like a girl” and i was like “what’s wrong with being a girl?” and he was quiet for a moment then he looked into the distance and whispered “the social standards they’re forced to live by”

French is the language of love, but I think English allows you to express your feelings in a better way. I also think it’s less cerebral, more concrete. Sometimes, French makes you take yourself too seriously: you unconsciously listen to yourself talking. [x]


Amazing Milky Way (by Jonathan Besler)


Karijini NP, Western Australia
Paul Pichugin


Dietmar Voorworld is an artist who takes rocks, pebbles and leaves he finds in nature and turns them into memorable pieces of circular land art.




Places of Solitude, 2013 | by Laura Tidwell
Reach high, for stars lie hidden in you. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.

-- Rabindranath Tagore (via observando)


locals only waterfall || kelsey



This is one of my favorites